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Sujet : [icppc] URGENT-Fighting the GMO Monster in Poland

Dear Friends,

In spite of a great effort on the part of many people – both in Poland and abroad – on 31st July the Senate of the Polish parliament
voted to pass into law the 'Seeds Act' which legalises the planting of GM seeds in Poland.

Parliamentarians and senators from Civic Platform and the Peasant Party, the ruling coalition parties, cast their votes in favour of
the Act, defeating opposition by a small majority. Now only the President of Poland - who has to sign off this Act – can prevent it from
becoming law. He has 21 days to do this from the date of the parliamentary vote – and here lies a last chance for us to block the passage
of this disastrous Act.

We have to act fast to have any chance of saving the Polish countryside and food chain from sliding into irreversible GM contamination:
please dear friends of Poland, write immediately to President Komorowski demanding that he rejects this totally unjustifiable Act
and recognises the huge resistance shown by Polish citizens to any form of GMO entering the food chain.

BELOW there is a suggestion of how to frame this letter - you can use it verbatim if you do not have time to write yourself: copy the
below letter, ADD YOUR NAME AT THE END and send to:
listy@prezydent.pl with copy to us.

If you can donate to our campaign please see http://icppc.pl/pl/gmo/eng_index.php?id=eng_donate

Best wishes,
Jadwiga and Julian
ICPPC - International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside,
34-146 Stryszów 156, Poland tel./fax +48 33 8797114 biuro@icppc.pl www.icppc.pl www.gmo.icppc.pl www.eko-cel.pl


Szanowny Pan Prezydent Bronislaw Komorowski,

I am shocked to hear that the senate of the Polish parliament has decided to support the introduction of GM seeds into Poland.
Such a deeply irresponsible action could only be undertaken by people who do not understand the huge risks involved in releasing
genetically modified organisms into the environment, thus contaminating, most likely irreversibly, the entire national food chain.

I therefore do most sincerely urge you dear President, to act positively in defence of your Country's international reputation for
high quality food, renowned natural biodiversity and in consideration of the future health and welfare of Polish and indeed, all
European citizens, by keeping GM seeds out of Poland. Please understand, that opening Poland up for GM planting will be recognised by
European consumers as a reason to avoid buying Polish food, and will put Poland in a disadvantageous competitive position with other
European Countries that have already banned GM crops.

I understand that you can use your Presidential prerogative to stop this Seeds Act becoming law. You will surely be thanked by millions
of European citizens for taking such a responsible stance.

With kind regards,

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